JICT concerns to sustainable development by implementing CSR programs in helping people to achieve better future. We support initiatives through several programs in education, health, environment and culture.



- Green Dock School: This program is firstly implemented in 1992 by Hutchison Ports. JICT Provides financial, educational and environmental insight for local schools in North Jakarta (Tanjung Priok, Koja, and Cilincing) area. Today, more than 1,000 children have been benefited from this program.

- Rumah Belajar: JICT Rumah Belajar or Learning Center is a free-dedicated informal school to drop out children in North Jakarta. We set this programme to ensure the children have the skills they need to realise their full potential and succeed in the future. As much as 1,200 students availing on this programme.

- Scholarship: The program called Dolphin scholarship helps 1,2000 children's labor to improve their education. WE support the children whose families experiencing financial difficulties.

- Early Childhood Centers (PAUD): JICT forms partnership with 15 kindergartens in Koja, North Jakarta. WE provide learning tools, capacity building for teachers and monthly operational cost



JICT Health Clinic was established in 2010 to help improve the lives of poor residents in NOrth Jakarta. We support 3,000 members 975,500) with free-health assitance.



JICT supports traditional art conservation. We sponsor the local performing art, Wayang Orang Bharata, Keroncong Toegoe, and actively involve them to our several events.



- Reduction Air Pollution: We have converted some RTGC from diesel power to electricityto nearly eliminate the emission of pollutants.

- Sewage Treatment: Rinse-sewage recycle system has been installed to strictly control the discharge of waste water, hazardous residue and other sewage

- Green Initiatives in Office: JICT has implemented e-billing and electronic administration/documentation system. We also control the office paper consumption. The recycled paper used in daily office activity